Flavored Olive Oil!

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Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I love finding new food products and these Grand Aroma olive oils  by” Mantova” are simply wonderful. You get the true intense flavor of  Garlic, Truffle and Chili. All you need is just a couple of sprays which I love because you cut down on calories and fat. I use the garlic to spray on salads, vegetables, pasta sauces and bread! It’s not over powering. Nothing turns me off more than too much garlic on anything. This garlic spray is lovely because it gives you the essence of garlic without overpowering the dish or you!  The truffle oil is my favorite, true taste and smell of truffles without the expense, I spray it on risotto, pasta, baked potatoes, eggs and salads! The chili I use in breakfast burrito’s, on re-fried beans, grilled chicken, fish, and an extra spray on top of a bowl of chili brings out even more of the chili taste! Love it! I highly recommend! http://bit.ly/yWnFUk


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