Gadgets, Make Life In The Kitchen Easier!

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I’m a gadget junkie and I found these at Sur La Table the other day! I love finding anything that helps me in the kitchen! Look at this fantastic orange juice and lemon squeezer. I squeezed two oranges today for breakfast without having to take my big honking juicer out! It tasted so sweet. Now when a recipe calls for a little orange juice it’s easier.

Orange juice squeezer, Fresh Force

Sur La Table Yellow Citrus Juicer


I love, love, love, this lemon juicer, it’s efficient and practical and it measures the amount of juice so there is no second guessing.

Strawberry season is right around the corner and this little gadget will come in handy. I had one last year and lost it, I was so happy to find one again at Sur La Table.   It gets right into the berry and removes the stem cleanly with out harming the berry! It saves so much time not to mention my thumb!

Stem Gem

I’m always looking for gadgets to help me in the kitchen! If you find anything that helps you please share it with me on my face book page or Twitter, I would appreciate it! Let’s share ideas together to make our time in the kitchen even more fun!



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