New Obsession!

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I don’t know about you but when I walk into someone’s home the way it smells when you first walk in makes an impact on me. The smell of baking or the aroma of soup simmering makes you feel warm and welcome. Nowadays most people are into scented candles, sometimes it can overwhelm you and make you start sneezing in 30 seconds or depending on what you choose¬† it can calm you and make you feel comfortable and serene. I hope that is what people feel when they walk into our home.

I’m obsessed with clean, neat and orderly and of course the way my house smells. We recently were invited over for a dinner at a friends and the moment I walked in the scent was so beautiful. I immediately thought to myself THIS is what I would like our home to smell like when you walk in warm, inviting, subtle, clean, calming and not overbearing like that stuck in an elevator feeling with perfume that has lingered from someone who thought they smelled good that just knock you over!

Then name of these candles are called “NEST” and my favorite one is called, “BLUE GARDEN”. In our bedroom I burn “WHITE NARCISSE” and I recently tried “BEACH” that I have in our family room and I love it! I also use the diffusers which keep the subtle fragrance going all day and night. My home smells amazing.

These candles and diffusers make great gifts!

Here is the link


Beautiful scents for the home!

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