8 Useful Cleaning Tips

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This Tip Tuesday, I am sharing some ten of my go to cleaning tips for around the house, I hope you enjoy them and find them as useful as I do!

1.Clean lampshade with a lint roller, it helps collect dust faster and more efficiently.


Photo found on Real Simple

2.  To remove candles stuck in votives, freeze them it will shrink the wax and make it easier to release.


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3. Remove indents from furniture with ice cubes.


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4. Break a glass? Use a slice of white bread to help pick up shards. The glass clings to bread.


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5. . Use panty hose to take dust off a candle.


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6. Get rid of garbage disposal smells by making ice cubes out of vinegar and popping 1-2 into the disposal. Flip the switch and wash out with cold water.


Photo by Antonis Achilleos

7. Use aluminum foil & dishwasher soap to get rid of caked on food on your pots and pans.


Photo by Quentin Bacon


  1. Use a rubber glove to get rid of pet hair.

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What are some of your go to cleaning tips:

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