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Fun and easy decorations to make for your Halloween! Easy, fun Halloween inexpensive decorations your family will love!

I made these pumpkins for a talk show for Halloween a few years back and it’s the only photo I had where I could feature all three! A fun, easy, inexpensive way to decorate for Halloween! I bought these plastic pumpkins, ribbon, sharpies with a thin tip, scarecrow and spray paint at Michael Stores, I painted one white and one silver, the one on the left I left orange and tied a ribbon around it and glued the bird on top! (You can use a real pumpkin for the natural orange one if you like) The silver, I found a pretty floral top! The white was the most fun for me as I simply just fill in the ribs of the pumpkin with squiggles. We all squiggle on sheets of paper why not pumpkins? It also calmed my brain down as I sat still and drew! You can do this on any color pumpkin and have your family join. I invited our kids last year to come decorate one and the conversations around the table were quite wonderful as we sat together, drew, created, and shared! They saved their pumpkins and the memories. ūüôā We started a new tradition, they are coming back for more. Try it with your kids and grandkids, it was so much fun!

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