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Famous Marinade for the best Roasted Turkey!

I introduced this roasted turkey  recipe on a local talk show I was hosting in Los Angeles called, “A.M. Los Angeles” over 30  years ago and to this day I have strangers stop me on the street and grocery stores to tell me how much they love it! Now thanks to social media I have new converts, that makes me so happy! 🙂

I’ve tried so many ways over the years to prepare turkey so it will have lots of flavor and not turn out dry. I’ve wrapped them in cheese cloth, marinaded them in brine, deep fried, put butter over the skin, under the skin, cooked it stuffed, unstuffed, none of that works like this simple marinade. The marinade also will leave you with plenty of gravy for the turkey and the mashed potatoes! The feed back by everyone who marinades the turkey say they end up with the most delicious, tender and juicy turkey ever.

I do not roast a turkey larger then fifteen pounds. Most experts agree that a Hen turkey is better than a Tom. Hens are generally smaller than Tom turkeys of the same age. Hens weigh less than sixteen pounds while Toms always weigh over sixteen pounds. I find that Hens tend to be juicier and Toms are drier! If you opt for a Tom I highly recommend you marinade it overnight it will help keep it moist. If you don’t marinade it over night it fine, just pour it over the turkey before you roast it! It will still taste amazing!

If you don’t have room in your refrigerator for your turkeys use a cooler, fill it with ice and place your turkey or turkey’s inside.

I hope you have a joyous a blessed day! Happy Thanksgiving!


8 to 10!




1 -14 to 15 pound organic turkey, empty cavity of bird and the neck and rinse well, pat dry and place in roasting pan



 2 & ½ cups Dijon Mustard

 ¼ cup olive oil

4 fresh lemons, juiced, save the rinds

1 cup low sodium soy sauce

4 sprigs rosemary

1 bundle sage

1 bundle fresh thyme

1 bundle fresh oregano

 bundle fresh Italian parsley

1 quart of chicken broth, homemade or organic store bought chicken broth

1 to 4 tablespoons arrowroot

 2 tablespoons dry sherry

 ¼ cup chives, chopped

 cracked black peppercorns

 1 cup pomegranate seeds

1/4 cup chopped Italian parsley chopped fine

1/4/cups chives chopped fine


Approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

Remove from oven at 160 degrees, temperature will rise to 165 F. Safe for Poultry

In a large glass bowl add the Dijon mustard, olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce and whisk until well incorporated. Set aside.

Take half of the herbs from each bundle, place one half inside the cavity of the bird along with the left over lemon rinds.

Pour all of the marinade all over the turkey then crack plenty of fresh pepper all over the top.

Scatter the remainder of the herbs on top of turkey.

Tie the legs together with twine and cover the tips of the legs and wings with aluminum foil, this prevents the tips from burning while roasting.)

Tie a string around the bird to keep the wings in place.

Use a piece of aluminum foil large enough to cover the turkey, you may need two.

(If you are using a roasting pan with a lid no need to use foil.)

Spray the insides of foil with cooking spray. Cover the turkey with the foil so steam can’t escape and make sure the foil is not touching the turkey.

Roast for 2 hours undisturbed. Remove the foil and check the turkey, the color will be light beige.

Add 1 cup of chicken stock and stir the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon to loosen the bits that have formed on the bottom and sides of roasting pan.

Baste the turkey all over using a turkey baster.

Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the breast without touching the bone.

Continue roasting uncovered basting every 10 minutes for approximately for 30 or until the thermometer reaches 160 F.

Remove the turkey from the oven and place on the stove.

Turn the oven up to 450 F.

Place the turkey back in oven uncovered for 5 minutes to crisp up the skin. Do not walk away it’s very easy to forget the turkey with all the things you have your mind on, so use a timer for 5 minutes or appoint someone to stand watch.

Remove the turkey from the oven cover loosely with foil to keep it warm. Let it rest at least for 15 minutes before you carve. Remove thermometer before you carve and after the turkey has time to sit. If you remove the thermometer immediately after taking the turkey out of the oven juices will escape.


Pour what ever chicken broth you have left into the roasting pan, scrap the sides with a wooden spoon to release any of the bits that are on the bottom or corners. Strain into a sauce pan and use a large spoon to remove oil that has risen to the top, bring it to a gentle boil.

In a small cup combine 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with one tablespoon of cold water and mix well. Pour into the sauce pan and stir to thicken. If you wish to have thicker gravy continue the same process with the corn starch  until you get the thickness you like. Add the sherry and simmer for one minute then add the fresh chives.

Carve the turkey and arrange on a large platter dividing the white meat from the dark. Ladle some of the gravy over the top of the turkey to help keep it moist and garnish with fresh parsley and pomegranates! Give 2 to 3 turns of black pepper over the top of the turkey.

Famous Marinade for the best Roasted Turkey!


  1. Basting is extremely important if you want to have a moist golden turkey.
  2. The aluminum foil on the tips of the wings and legs will keep them from burning while baking.
  3. The instant read thermometer should not touch the bone. It will give you a false reading of the temperature.
  4. Remove thermometer before you carve and after the turkey has time to sit. If you remove the thermometer immediately, the juices will escape from the turkey. Let it settle first.

I personally DO NOT stuff my turkey. The juices are absorbed it into the stuffing drying out the turkey. It also changes the flavor of my stuffing giving it a gamey taste which I’m not to fond of.

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