Cristina Ferrare: Our Pets


This is our precious grand pup  Tater Tot who started out as a foster from  Love Leo Rescue the first day our daughter Arianna The Modern Day Girlfriend picked her up. Needless to say it was a “foster fail”! Ari adopted her and found her forever home:) with her and Neil. Tater Tot has brought added joy and love into our family and we can’t imagine our life without her! She is now 2, happy, thriving and spreading love everywhere she goes! My concern is to keepher healthy and live a long life. So many people are losing their pets to cancer and it’s on the rise. We are determined to give her the best quality of life making sure her food and treats are natural, pesticide and chemical free!

Over the last couple of years, I have become increasingly alarmed at how many of my friends have lost their pets to cancer.Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs and it’s on the rise. Did you know that one in three domestic dogs will develop some form of cancer which is roughly about the same incidence of cancers among men?Our dogs and cats develop a variety of cancers and is very similar to those found in humans. Just like in humans, modern conveniences, processed foods and medicines are contributing factors.So, the question is, “How can we help give our pets the best chance against developing cancer”?

I am of the belief that “Food is Medicine” for people as well as our pets.

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