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Shaved Fennel and Parmesan Salad

Shaved Fennel and Parmesan Salad

Shaved Fennel Salad with edible flowers and fresh herbs!

Shaved Fennel Salad

Fennel is a crunchy yet delicate licorice flavorful bulbous vegetable root with a tall, wispy, fronded tops that looks like dill. I like to use the fronds as a garnish in the salad! I posted an interesting article on the surprising health benefits of fennel I feel you will find interesting, along with a delicious recipe for Fennel Salad!

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Part of my maintenance every month to keep my Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells, (in remission) is to take a medication that gives me the absolute worst leg cramps in the history of the world. Of course they come at night and I hobble around the bedroom like a wounded animal trying not to make noise so I won’t wake my husband. I did research and found out that Magnesium would solve my problem and in the meantime I was told drink pickle juice! Yes I said pickle juice and you know what, it helped. Almost immediately I get relief and I am able to go back to bed and asleep with no further problems. Then only thing is I have to drink the pickle juice every night for two weeks and my face would blow up like an Ompa Lumpa! It’s sooooo salty, it’s like drinking sea water! During the times I’m downing this medication I’m not hungry so I’m not getting enough of anything nutrition wise to help my body function.

I looked up  foods that had plenty of magnesium to help eliminate my leg cramps. I’m happy to say these are foods I do eat normally so I make sure to just sit myself down and even if I don’t feel like it I eat them. It made a difference and I feel so much better. Magnesium helps maintain the proper levels of other minerals such as calcium potassium and zinc.  Your heart, muscles and kidney need magnesium to work properly. It also helps builds teeth and bones.

Magnesium is found naturally in many different foods. Although magnesium deficiency is rare, many Americans don’t get as much of the mineral as they should in their diets. Still, the average adult may only get 66 percent of their daily-recommended magnesium in their normal diet. This could be a result of the amount of processed foods we eat.

I found this article on Magnesium from and wanted to share the findings with you. I found it interesting and informative!



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Swap out mayonnaise high in fat and calories, with heart healthy avocado spread!

High protein, low fat chicken wraps! Perfect for lunch, dinner, and parties!!!

Most of us don’t have the time to roast a chicken so I reach for the organic roasted chicken at my health food super market. Some regular markets will carry organic chicken, check with the manager. You want to make sure you are not eating chicken that

has additives and pumped full of salt, sugar and preservatives. This wrap is full of flavor, filled with heart and brain healthy ingredients and contains power packed protein, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Read more »


I received this email from my dear Friend Annie Gilbar. She sent this to everyone she knows and her words come at time where now more than ever needs to be said, acknowledged and embraced. Annie said to read “The Kindness Advantage”: Cultivating Compassionate and Connected Children written by our mutual friend Dr. Dale Atkins along with her niece, Amanda Salzhauer.
This book comes at a perfect time. 
 Below is what my Annie wrote. I had to paste and copy her words because I couldn’t even come close to how she was able to describe how important this book is to read and share with everyone. Annie is a brilliant writer and editor and has taught me so much. In this case I will let the teacher speak, it’s that important.
By Annie Gilbar
You know how the most trite often seems to be the most true? During challenging times which test our ability to concentrate on the goodness of man, as evil and despair overwhelm our lives, it is hard to remember the importance of kindness.
These are not the first or the most difficult days any of us have ever encountered. And some of our parents faced the most horrific times in our history, where evil did triumph, even when hope battled to win over despair. And at the bottom of it all, then and now, disappointing and hurtful behavior was at the core of our society.
Our only hope, then and now, I think,  for making it through these difficult times, is kindness. When talk of the baseness of man comes around, you have heard me say that we have to teach children good, fair, thoughtful, KIND behavior, since the opposite seems to somehow be more natural. Psychologists way smarter and more educated than I continue to debate this view of the world – but what no one ever debates is the importance of teaching children, and sometimes adults,  kindness, and emphasizing kind behavior and acts in our daily lives.
Enter my dearest friend, the woman who spends her life healing and caring and teaching and soothing our needy souls, who needs no lessons in kindness and generosity of spirit. Dr. Dale Atkins, together with her equally kindhearted nieceAmanda Salzhauer, a social worker, have written The Kindness Advantage: Cultivating Compassionate and Connected Children. More than a thesis about the importance of teaching children to be kind, The Kindness Advantage is a real, step by step guide to helping parents both discover and nurture kindness in our children. It is based not just on feelings (like mine) that kindness needs to be taught and developed, but on scientific evidence about the importance of hands on teaching kindness to our children.  It is written to share with your children and grandchildren, contains questions to help them connect each concept with their own life experience, and recounts inspiring real-life stories about children who make a difference (my favorite parts!) and lessons from children, clergy, and community leaders and other parents about the values of caring and compassion.
As in everything Dale does, the book is eloquent, insightful, practical and simple, a truly priceless blueprint for every parent to use. Dale and Amanda’s book is compassionate, and, above all, optimistic that kindness not only should be, but can be the core of our children’s character and personality, of their total lives.
The Kindness AdvantageCultivating Compassionate and Connected Children, will be available September 11. Buy it for a friend, send it to people you care about, especially to parents at your school, but it for the holidays or just because it is important and you care.
And please forward your own message to your family and friends, especially to all the parents you know, regardless of their ages, as some of our children are now becoming parents to their own.And for those of you on social media, please let your followers know about the book as you share your own support of spreading the lessons of kindness.
You can also visitwww.thekindnessadvantagebook.comand follow Dale and Amanda on Facebook
I hope you were as moved as I was by this important message. Truly there is no greater gift we have then our children. As parents or grandparents we should encourage our children to strive and be prepared for their lives with kindness. Please read this book.
With much love,
Beautifully said Annie, thank you and thank you, my friends. It’s books like this, and your actions to spread the word, that can, and do, make all the difference in our world.
Love Cristina


Sense of Wonderment and applying it to your everyday life!

Maria Shriver shares her life changing experience from her visit to Africa!

I look forward to my friend Maria Shriver’s “Sunday Paper”,  every Sunday. I always come away inspired, empowered and moved in ways that at this age I thought couldn’t impact me anymore. I was wrong, this one just blew me away. Maria just returned from a trip to Africa with her son Christopher and wrote this piece about her experience, beautifully written, moving,  thought provoking and for me something I will take to heart and implement in my life. I wanted to share it with you in case you do not subscribe to her “Sunday Paper” which I highly recommend. Please don’t start your week without reading this first.  Read more »

Brain Food: Morning Green Juice

Brain Food: Morning Green Juice


Using my brain to help end Alzheimer’s. A great morning pick me up, packed with vitamins, and antioxidants that feed the brain, heart and gut. This green juice will provide energy to get a great start to your day. I juice every day using a variety of fruits and veggies. I always include some green veggie such as spinach, kale, chard,

or parsley. This drink has fiber which helps move things along nicely!

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